I've published a handful of 'unix way' scripts written in perl and
based on Marc Mims' Net::Twitter library. The basic idea was to lower
the barrier of entry for folks who want some simple thing done - say a
unix admin who wants a system to be able to tweet/DM. There are a lot
of things that could be done with this - I've played a bit with
integrating Nagios alerts using this, with making Request Tracker able
to send messages via Twitter, etc.


    These are little things, as they should be, and made to run from
the command line, which is the right way to handle lots of text data.
I'm seeing this stuff on Oauth, I'm absolutely not a web developer in
any sense of the word, and I'm wondering how I preserve the
functionality of these tools across the pending changes.

    Any thoughts on how to provide a construction kit for command line/
daemon users would be appreciated.

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