I am Ramanathan Narayanan, a graduate student at Northwestern
University. I do research in machine learning and text mining.

  I am interested in finding influential users on twitter for
different trending topics. I am also trying to find similar trending
topics, and sentiments in tweets. My goal is to devise efficient
algorithms and tools to solve these problems.

  A website based on my work is Pulse of the Tweeters (http://
pulseofthetweeters.com/) . Any feedback about the site is welcome.


On May 16, 10:37 pm, Jonathan <jhsa...@jhsachs.com> wrote:
> I'm Jonathan Sachs, and I'm working with a company named Kachingle
> (http://www.kachingle.com) that's building a new type of service for
> letting users give financial support to the web sites they visit. We
> want to use Twitter to keep our member sites and users aware of each
> others' activities.
> I've spent about half of my career doing programming, and the other
> half doing technical writing. (I'm a big believer in documentation,
> and in software design for usability.) I'currently do most of my
> programming in PHP, with a little Javascript thrown in. My past
> activities have encompassed Java, C++, C, Visual Basic for
> Applications, FORTH, PL/I, FORTRAN IV, SNOBOL3, and IBM Basic Assembly
> Language. Among other things.
> I'm currently wrestling with the latest (I think) version of Abraham's
> implementation of the API, trying to make it do the things that an
> older version did.

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