I'm Marc Brooks @IDisposable  I'm the Hack Prime (Sr. Architect) at
Infuz http://infuz.com

We have a platform BuzzRadius http://buzzradius.com that enables
location and/or special interest sites that build siloed, curated,
rated and ranked Tweet/Link/Trend/People listings of twitter.  You can
see a location-specific site for the St. Louis, MO, USA area at
http://stltweets.com to see what we do.

We're built on the Microsoft .Net 3.5 platform in C# using SQL Server
2008. We're built with ASP.Net MVC 2, LinqToTwitter 
and deployed to the Amazon AWS cloud.

We use Timelines and Searches (especially the old Summize search,
since that's the only one that respects the Profile location field).

Thanks Twitter!

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