sorry to jump in like this, but i've followed the authentication steps
and the server never responds, i started a thread earlier this week
detailing my problems here:

I've tested the encoding and signing process against the test strings
provided in the docs, and everything checks out, The authorization
header IS in fact being sent but the server never responds.



On May 24, 10:24 am, Taylor Singletary <>
> Hi Tony,
> Yes, the documentation is yet to be written, but will be coming as soon as I
> can finish it up.
> I'll be happy to help you through it until then though.
> To ready your application for out-of-band OAuth, first configure your
> application on to be a "Client" mode app (no callback
> URL pre-supplied).
> For the majority of the documentation you find 
> a your process is going to be exactly the
> same.
>   - On the request token step, instead of providing a dynamic oauth_callback
> parameter, you will be supplying the string "oob" -- everything else about
> the request is the same.
>   - After getting your request token, you send the user to the authorization
> URL just as normal.
>   - When the user provides their login information, instead of being
> redirected to your application, they are presented with a page containing a
> short set of characters that they are asked to enter into your application
>   - You provide a user interface in your application that collects the PIN
> code (also known as the "oauth_verifier"). Then you build an access token
> exchange request, exactly like the standard access token request, except you
> provide the oauth_verifier you retrieved from the user. In standard OAuth
> flows, the oauth_verifier would have been given to you in your
> oauth_callback.
> Everything else about this flow is exactly the same.
> The only gotcha here is that a single application has to choose to either be
> an "out of band" / "desktop client" application OR a dynamic web application
> with dynamic callback URLs.
> Taylor
> Taylor Singletary
> Developer Advocate, Twitter
> On Mon, May 24, 2010 at 6:59 AM, Tonyw <> wrote:
> > I'm thinking (or was) of using the new oauth in a c++ app. But the
> > docs are vague to say the least.
> > Given that this is actually missing -
> >
> > is there any hope!?
> > ;)
> > tony

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