I just noticed this today - may have been going on for a while, though. I'm logged in on twitter.com. I have a few saved searches for some friends - about four of them with different groups of friends. What's in the search term is, for example, <screen name 1> OR <screen name 2>. The screen names appear without @ signs.

One of these searches is returning tweets that don't match either of the two screen names! They are returning tweets from the two screen names *plus* some tweets that appear to be from people trying to get me to click on links. These tweets do *not* have the characteristics of a "Promoted Tweet". They aren't showing up at the top of the search - they're showing up in time sequence order.

Has someone figured out how to "game" the search? Is Twitter testing something and not telling us? When I search for "sn1 OR sn2" I do *not* want to receive tweets like this!


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