I'm wondering whether the search is getting popular tweets mixed in
(the default behavior) and that those are what you are seeing.
Can you give an example of one or two of the searches that are doing


On May 27, 2:19 pm, "M. Edward (Ed) Borasky" <zn...@borasky-
research.net> wrote:
> I just noticed this today - may have been going on for a while,  
> though. I'm logged in on twitter.com. I have a few saved searches for  
> some friends - about four of them with different groups of friends.  
> What's in the search term is, for example, <screen name 1> OR <screen  
> name 2>. The screen names appear without @ signs.
> One of these searches is returning tweets that don't match either of  
> the two screen names! They are returning tweets from the two screen  
> names *plus* some tweets that appear to be from people trying to get  
> me to click on links. These tweets do *not* have the characteristics  
> of a "Promoted Tweet". They aren't showing up at the top of the search  
> - they're showing up in time sequence order.
> Has someone figured out how to "game" the search? Is Twitter testing  
> something and not telling us? When I search for "sn1 OR sn2" I do  
> *not* want to receive tweets like this!
> http://twitter.com/rx8mall/status/14859299274

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