Awesome. I have earlybird ready to receive the annotations and dump them to the 
console as they are received when these changes go live. I will push it to 
github after it hits for some sample code for anyone that wants to play.  

(The version in master right now is the hacky version I put together at the 
hackfest to push social graph changes back into the tweet stream with 
annotations for my @reannotate bot and also do some fun remote shell execution 
via annotations. In this version I call the rest API to get the annotations 
after getting them from the streaming API. I will move this code to a branch 
later and I will push a version that allows you to see annotations via the REST 
api after they come in instead for now. )

Any schedule on when the search API will support annotations? 


On Jun 2, 2010, at 2:49 PM, John Kalucki wrote:

> We will test Streaming API Tweet Annotation as early as next week - June 7th 
> through June 11th. All streaming clients, including user streams preview 
> clients, should expect empty annotations and the rare populated annotation 
> during arbitrary test periods. Assuming general stability, on our end and 
> yours, we'll eventually leave annotation delivery turned permanently on. 
> General purpose JSON and XML parsers should experience no problems with this 
> change.
> Expect a further announcement just before we flip the switch for the first 
> time.
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