This is the feedback I gave to Twitter as part of the hackfest. Sharing it
here, hoping that we could discuss the idea further.

Lack of strictly defined data-types is going to be like a dynamic
programming language. Every client will have to do it's own type checking.

For example, an annotation currently specifies the location using latitude &
longitude as :

"location" : {
      "latitude" : 45.4,
      "longitude" : 15.2

Now each client would have to check if the numbers are valid floating point

What if you suggest a data-type to be appended after the attribute name? for
"location" : {
      "latitude_float" : 45,
      "longitude_float" : 15

Then, when the annotated tweet is being created, Twitter itself can check if
the value conforms to the data type. So all clients can reliably use these

Suggestions for data-types:
int : Integer
float : Floating point number
url : A well formed URL

Harshad RJ

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