Last night I collected tweets through the search API for the hashtag
"#glossgreen", and got a sizeable number of tweets.

This morning I did the equivalent thing through the "search" box on my
Twitter homepage (the URL that appears in my browser is "http://"), and got different results.

More specifically, I found that there were a few users who's tweets
appeared when doing the search through the "search" box in the browser
who do not appear at all through the search API results. For example,
the user "@gloss" had many tweets using the #glossgreen hashtag in the
time period around 6-8 pm PDT 6/2 -- none of these appear in the
twitter search results, but many appear in results through the twitter
"search" box on my personal twitter homepage.

I just re-performed both searches this morning to make sure this isn't
a temporary issue, but got the same disparity,

What expectation should I have about search API accuracy? Shold I
expect the search API results to eventually "repair", or is are the
@gloss tweets permanently missing from the search API's database?

I don't want to have to use multiple different APIs/screen-scrapes/
streams just to make sure I get accurate search results, but if that's
what I have to do then please let me know.

Brian Maso

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