This is related to cache. Search API results are from cache to improve
performance? Search API is not getting the same results as Stream API?

On Jun 4, 3:12 pm, Jonathan Reichhold <>
> This is actually an artifact of how retweets are displayed between
> and  The tweets are there, but the display is
> different.
> Jonathan
> On Fri, Jun 4, 2010 at 10:10 AM, Brian Maso <>wrote:
> > Last night I collected tweets through the search API for the hashtag
> > "#glossgreen", and got a sizeable number of tweets.
> > This morning I did the equivalent thing through the "search" box on my
> > Twitter homepage (the URL that appears in my browser is "http://
> >"), and got different results.
> > More specifically, I found that there were a few users who's tweets
> > appeared when doing the search through the "search" box in the browser
> > who do not appear at all through the search API results. For example,
> > the user "@gloss" had many tweets using the #glossgreen hashtag in the
> > time period around 6-8 pm PDT 6/2 -- none of these appear in the
> > twitter search results, but many appear in results through the twitter
> > "search" box on my personal twitter homepage.
> > I just re-performed both searches this morning to make sure this isn't
> > a temporary issue, but got the same disparity,
> > What expectation should I have about search API accuracy? Shold I
> > expect the search API results to eventually "repair", or is are the
> > @gloss tweets permanently missing from the search API's database?
> > I don't want to have to use multiple different APIs/screen-scrapes/
> > streams just to make sure I get accurate search results, but if that's
> > what I have to do then please let me know.
> > Brian Maso

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