> > Oh, I know it... that's why a Sitemap.xml, ROBOTS.TXT and offering an
> > OEmbed endpoint on your sites is a really good idea. Seehttp://oembed.com/
> > for the use of the latter.
> What's their business model? What do they sell to whom?

OEmbed.com is the place where the standard is spelled out... e.g. what
you should provide as a web developer if you want to encourage
embedding and/or reduce crawling loads.  As such, there's no business
model (for them), but some website owner might have one that
incentives you to use the standard.

There is also a service that provides OEmbed data for tons of sites
already, my favorite being http://api.embed.ly/  I have no idea what
their business model is, but they have a wicked-cool service.


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