I'm experiencing a similar problem.  I'm trying to download all my own
statuses (for rdhyee) via the API but have only been able to get 728.
For example

(http://bit.ly/b0s8gE) is the last page of 200 statuses I can get but
(http://bit.ly/aU4TYT) returns no tweets.

I have over 2000 tweets, so the latter call should still return

Has the 3200 limit changed?  Or is that  an upper limit -- that is,
you're guaranteed that you will never get more than 3200 but you might
get fewer?


On Jun 2, 5:26 am, Andrej <kov...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> based on API doc there is a limit of3,200statuses for home timeline:
> 'Clients may access up to3,200statuses via the page and count
> parameters for timeline REST API methods....'
> I noticed today that I can only fetch last 800 statuses only.
> Anyone else experiencing same issue?
> Thanks

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