Hey Abraham,

You have been a big part of the life blood on this list. Sad I won't see you 
around that much. Twitter's dev growth has exploded since I got involved over 
24 months ago and ever since then I noticed you have been all over this list 
and one of the biggest rockstars for the twitter dev community. Almost 
infamous. I literally seen people seeking you out just to meet you at that dev 
meet up we had here in SF earlier this year after you tweeted you were there 
which is pretty epic.  

You have posted 1154 messages to this list which is just shy from being the top 
poster (just ~50 behind Al3x from when he was around). That number just blows 
my mind. You not being here as much will make a huge dent that will be really 
hard to fill. 

Hope for the best in your quest for a work and hope we can work on something 
awesome together someday. 

Zac Bowling

On Jun 14, 2010, at 9:13 PM, Abraham Williams wrote:

> I just wanted to let everyone know that I won't be on the list much going 
> forward. Reading the list has become a time consuming burden (1000+ 
> emails/month) and much of it has become reiteration for me. Getting more time 
> on my own projects and paying for the roof over my head are top priorities 
> right now. But if you have questions pertaining to me feel free to cc me on 
> them and I will be more then happy to jump in.
> If you are interested in hiring me for Twitter integration projects 
> (especially OAuth with just over 2 weeks left) or just want to say hi you can 
> reach me as 4bra...@gmail.com or @abraham.
> Oh. I have several Twitter API related blog posts in draft so be sure to look 
> for them on http://blog.abrah.am/.
> I'll be around :)
> Abraham
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