I've got openSUSE 11.2 64-bit, connected to the Internet via wireless. I'm running both Firefox 3.6.3 and Chrome 6.0.427.0 dev. Chrome seems to be picking up my location correctly. When I go into the menu to set my location, I am seeing a list of businesses nearby, including the place where I'm working.

But Firefox has a completely different list of businesses, a couple miles away in a totally different neighborhood! Apparently Mozilla is somehow garbling the location information it's getting from Google, or Google is "favoring" its own browser. Anybody else seeing this?

One other note: *both* browsers are resetting the location after I post a tweet! It drops back to a neighborhood or city. I don't see much point in filing a ticket at this time - the fail whales are probably a tad more "interesting" to Twitter at the moment.

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