Hi Dave,

I seemed to have missed your message originally. Are you still
experiencing problems with this?

In answer to your question there isn't anything special required for
signing requests to send direct messages. If you are still having
problems can you provide us with your signature base string (without
any tokens/keys).


On Jun 11, 9:32 am, ds <acmedav...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am having trouble sending a direct message 
> with:http://api.twitter.com/1/direct_messages/new.xml
> I have been able to successfully post status updates with my code
> using oAuth.
> I have a java based custom application that is working fine for these
> updates.
> When trying to post a direct message I get 402 errors with "incorrect
> signature".
> Basically I am using the same signature generation as update except I
> replace
> status with text and add user at the bottom of signature generation.
> Just like
> the oAuth example page on twitter.
> Then I pass the two parameters in the request body.
> I also tried moving everything to url parameters but got the same
> error.
> Is there anything special about parameters for direct message when
> using
> oAuth?
> Does it sound like I am doing this correctly with my post/body method?
> Thanks,
> ...Dave

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