I notice that in the example of the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the
best choice for "Staples Center" is the second result.  We would like
to automate our script; do you have any suggestions for determining in
code which of the 5 responses is best?  Meaning, for a given venue,
Twitter has multiple Place IDS - how can we automate it to select the
most relevant one?

Just *conceivably* some simple algorithm like (a) ruling out results
that do not have an exact match somewhere inside the result, and (b)
then choosing the result that has the *fewest* extra characters
outside the match, might give good results much of the time.  That is
one idea - any others?

 also, as an aside, we can't find documentation for this geo/search
API.  Do you know if documentation has been put up yet?
Specifically, though, is there a way to control the number of results
- say, to provide 10 results rather than just 5?

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