Hi Everyone,

We've started putting together a document that goes through many of the
things developers need to know about transitioning from Basic Auth to OAuth
(as opposed to coming to OAuth without having the history of basic auth
behind them).

You can find this guide here: http://bit.ly/anYWSC

We're not done yet, and we'd love to hear your suggestions on additions that
could be made to this document, especially if you've made the conversion
yourself and learned some hard lessons along the way.

The document does not go into any specific code implementations, as the
conversion process is very dependent on the particularities of the
programming languages, libraries, and coding styles that pre-exist for the
developer. However, we'd love to collect together specific implementation
stories of developers who've successfully made the transition and highlight
them here.

Do you have something you'd like to add? Respond to this thread!

Thanks everyone,

Taylor Singletary

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