A few updates:

Social graph changes (follows, unfollows, blocks, and unblocks) are now
immediately applied to a user stream without requiring a reconnect. For
example, if the user follows a new user, and that new user subsequently
tweets or initiates a social event, the tweet or event is delivered to the
first user's stream.

Retweet social events are now filtered in all cases. They are redundant on
User Streams as the retweet itself is always delivered.

In certain cases, a direct message deletion event wasn't delivered. Now, if
a direct message is deleted directly after creation, the event is always
delivered to the user initiating the deletion. Ideally both parties to the
direct message would be notified, but this issue will have to remain open
for the time being.

Look for more changes in the near future.

-John Kalucki
Infrastructure, Twitter Inc.

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