Hello Everyone,

Semiocast has been developing technologies for analyzing micro-messages
(such as Twitter and Facebook messages) and today Semiocast is making two of
these technologies available to the public as a web service through its API:
- language identification from short text: 61 languages recognized
(including non-latin languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Japanese,
Korean, Pashto, Russian, Ukrainian…);
- location extraction from short text: city and country recognized from free
form text or GPS coordinates.

Although these technologies were specifically developed for short free form
texts, Semiocast API is tailored for analyzing Twitter messages (and other
networks such as Facebook, StatusNet…).

With Semiocast API, you can:
- analyze status updates and timelines to extract language and user
- filter timelines according to languages and locations;
- prepare annotations based on semantic analysis for a message to be posted
on Twitter using the forthcoming annotation feature.

We are very excited by what you will be able to build using this API. For
example, you can use Semiocast API to compute statistics about messages or
to filter out messages in languages end-users do not understand.

Semiocast has used the very same technology for the February and March 2010
studies that revealed that less than 50% of tweets were not in English and
gave a break down of tweets by languages and countries.

Future releases will give access to more of our technologies such as
tokenization, sentiment analysis and topic extraction.

For more information, please visit Semiocast API website:

Let us know what you think!


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