There are a few ways to go about this, and some are easier than others. The
easier the solution, the less control you have over the experience provided.

I'll assume your Orkut application is OpenSocial-based. If you have a remote
server component to your Orkut application, you may find it easiest to
integrate with the Twitter API from the perspective of your server. You
would then issue calls to your own servers, which
would proxy the necessary requests to Twitter. This alleviates the need to
store any of your API credentials within your gadget spec.

Orkut makes OpenSocial gadget specs publicly available, so you can't use any
solution that would present your consumer secret directly within the gadget

The simplest solution is just to pre-construct a link to with a
status message pre-populated. This solution also gives you the least amount
of control.

There is no solution you can use where you'd have the user directly enter
their login and password into your OpenSocial application.

Another option you can look into, though you'd have some minor security
concerns, is using @Anywhere within your OpenSocial application. I haven't
personally tried @Anywhere with OpenSocial, and there are likely some
technical hurdles you'd have to overcome with targeting the proper IFRAMEs.

Finally, there's another option though I don't know how easy it is to get
the Google team to do the necessary steps. OpenSocial includes an OAuth
Proxy that requires you to pre-register your remote service (Twitter)
credentials with the social network (Orkut) and then use the OAuth proxy to
communicate without compromising your tokens in a publicly available gadget


On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 12:04 AM, Pyrocks <> wrote:

> HI Friends,
> I am new to this twitter implementation in orkut apps.
> I have a requirement in my orkut application that i have to do tweet
> functionality in my application that will posted some message in his
> twitter profile page from my application.
> User will give his twitter user id and password  when user click
> submit button some message has to be posted in his twitter profile
> from my application.
> I have no idea about this implementation.I want some help.
> If any body knows about this please provide some information related
> to that or any URL.
> This is immediate requirement in my application. I am expecting
> response from forum people as soon as possible.
> Thanks and Regards.
> Py

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