I seem to be getting similar errors with regular OAuth requests. If
I'm already logged into twitter and OAuth just needs to redirect, it
works, but if I land on the login page, enter my username and password
and click submit, the redirect breaks with the 500 error.


On Jul 19, 3:10 pm, Isaiah Carew <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm seeing across the board failure of xAuth token exchange for my app, Kiwi. 
>  The app has not changed for months and is in use by thousands of users.  So 
> I don't think it's something I've done recently.
> Is it related to what I'm seeing on
> Is there a way to tell whether the problem is:  twitter, my IP, my app, or my 
> accounts?
> Is there something in the HTTP response tea leaves that can tell me more 
> info?  Currently I'm getting:
>     Status = "500 Internal Server Error";
> isaiah

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