It appears home_timeline pagination is currently limited to something
like 800 tweets.  I appreciate there are recent stability issues
compelling this very low limit but in general having an absolute limit
on number of messages I can get from my home_timeline is VERY
problematic for a social network provider.  I actually want to see my
whole home timeline and not miss messages from at least some people
I'm following.  How do I do this when there is a hard cap pagination
limit on home timeline?

For example if I shut off my computer overnight for 8-10 hours when I
bring up my client in the morning I'm currently lucky to get the last
two hours of tweets.  I'm following about a thousand people so the
current cap is less than 1 tweet per followee.  The only certain
solution to get my whole timeline is to leave a computer and a client
running 24/7 which is both wasting electricity and is actually causing
more load on than if I shut off the client all night and
get my timeline once in the morning, instead of polling it all night.
Did you ever think by limiting home_timeline you might be causing
large numbers of users to run their clients 24/7 actually making your
load worse?

I would be overjoyed to use skip_user to reduce the load on your
servers for home timeline queries if you will take off the pagination
limit if I do so, so I can actually get all tweets for a timeline
since the previous evening.  I'd also be willing to live with a time
limit saying, for example, that I can only get tweets for the previous
12 or 24 hours so I know I have to run a client in that time frame to
not lose chunks of my timeline.


The docs on this pagination limit are a mess.  The new docs in home
timeline refer you to the FAQ on what the pagination limit but I don't
think the new docs have a FAQ on the pagination limit and there is no
link to such a FAQ if it exists.  The only FAQ is in the old Twitter
API wiki and it still lists the cap as something like 3200 which it
currently isn't.  From another thread in this group it appears some of
Twitter's own engineers don't know what this limit is at the moment.

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