Hi Everyone.

I've been puzzling over OAuth for some time now with little insight
into how to apply it to my situation.  If someone could nudge me in
the right direction I'd be most grateful.

What I am doing now is very simple.  Whenever my company publishes new
content to it's websites, the company Twitter account is updated to
reflect it.   This is not an application that is open to public use.
It doesn't require any browser-based login boxes or http redirects as
part of the process.  In fact, such a requirement would prevent the
function of my current routine.

EXAMPLE:  (synopsis)
        require "classes/Twitter.class.php";
        $PMTtweet = new Twitter("$twitterunamePMT", "$twitterpwordPMT");
        $PMTsuccess = $PMTtweet->update("$thisTweet");

My questions are:

1. Do I need to upgrade to OAuth?
2. If I need to upgrade to OAuth, can it be done in such a way as to
work without browser login and redirect requirements? (as per example)
3. If 2 is true, any tutorials that match that situation you can point
me to?
4. If 1 && 2,  where/how would I acquire the tokens necessary to use

Apologies for the basic questions.  I really did make an effort to
ferret out the answers but all the examples I encountered were much
more complex than my situation requires.


Paul G

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