Hi Tom,

I do have to agree that the Twitter guy who tried to help me was
impressive, I rarely get that level of support and I cannot fault his
efforts. I agree OAuth is not difficult, I have implemented Oauth for
other apps and have my own libraries also. (Not sure why I'm having
problems with Twitpic and Oauth Echo here.)


On Jul 27, 7:49 pm, Tom <allerleiga...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have to disagree. I think that the twitter team is doing an awesome
> job on their support.
> With the help of the documentation at dev.twitter.com and the people
> on this mailing list, I was able to write a complete oAuth library for
> Objective-C in less than 5 hours. Before starting, my oAuth knowledge
> was Zero.
> I believe that there are ready-to-use libraries available on
> dev.twitter.com, and I would consider those example code. Not that you
> really need them, considering how simple oAuth can be :-)
> I think that I should also state that I am not a professional
> programmer - I am a 17 year old kid doing some programming. No insult
> intended, but if a 17 year old kid can do it, you'd say that it would
> be easy for a professional. ;-)
> Tom
> On Jul 28, 1:04 am, globaljobber <gerardn...@exciteinternet.co.uk>
> wrote:
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> > I am not one for rocking the boat.....and am sure I'm going to get
> > shot down for this.......but........
> > I've been working trying to do something what should be simple. Use
> > twitter to upload a photo in C# ASP.NET.
> > However, it's taken me over a week and I'm still not there, and
> > although one of the twitter engineers has been absolutely fantastic in
> > his support, he has said he cannot help me and said I should now go to
> > ask Twitpic for help.
> > My point is this.
> > As a developer, looking to integrate a commercial application into my
> > project (which in fact would be marketing on the commercials behalf),
> > shouldn't the owners of that commercial application (Twiiter/Twitpic)
> > make it as easy as possible for us guys?
> > I can see that this Twitter Development Talk discussion group is
> > packed full of developers having problems integrating Twitter and
> > Twitpic into their apps (especially OAuth).
> > My suggestion is therefore, that these guys (Twitter/Twitpic) spend
> > just a few weeks, and employ a few good people, to provide fully
> > working examples in all major programming languages for us developers
> > to pick up easily and integrate into our own apps. - instead of
> > providing just sub-standard documentation.
> > The benefits would be that their commercial product (Twitter and
> > Twitpic), would grow far quicker and spread much quickly than
> > currently.
> > Just some thoughts. Votes please.
> > Now I'm off to run away and hide
> > :0)

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