Hullo all -

While I opted to keep the subject line short(er), I allow that this
may all be a case of user error and that there may be nothing either
random w/ the API.  That said...

... I've been working w/ the REST API and am trying to incorporate
some of the Search API functionality, but am having a very difficult
time w/ it.  An immediate example is the fact that the API seems to
return very few items from its search.

E.g., the following search strings (740AM PST, Tue Aug 10):
    - returns 4 tweets dating back to Thu Aug 5, 110P (per Twitter
    - returns 13 tweets dating back  to Thu Aug 5, 601A (per Twitter
    - returns 15 tweets dating back to Sun Aug 8, 127P (per Twitter

All the information I've read re: rate limits should put 15 tweets
well below that.  Further, although the API docs suggest the data for
the Search API is indexed only for the last seven days, I would still
expect to see tweets for all of the last seven days, rather than only
five (e.g., the first search should have returned more Tweets dating
back to Aug 3.

All in all the API does not appear to be working as advertised,
however, I may be missing the fine print.

Is there a limit on the # of days back which the search parameters
will reach? And what is it?
Is there a limit on the # of tweets that will be returned? And what is

Thank you in advance!

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