On 8/10/10 3:29 PM, Diogo wrote:
> Hello, I'm developing a system for a company where the employees can
> read and answer tweets from a single account. It is working, but not
> using oAuth. I read that Twitter will no longer support the basic
> authentication.
> The question is, if I change the authentication to oAuth, everybody
> will have to know the username and password of Twitter account and
> sign in manually to begin work?

No. With oAuth, you get a pair of keys. You can change these keys at any
time (assuming that you only use your own keys, and don't provide the
login system which OAuth allows) and they can only be used in
combination with your own application.


PS: Maybe someone else can answer this: I've seen <contributors> in some
tweets, is this a feature which is already available to us? Haven't seen
it on the api wiki...

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