You might want to look at @Anywhere which handles all the Oauth stuff
for you.
I just started using it (created a space sim app at http://www.standard3d.com)

Once they are logged in, your app has their userId, etc.
You can build an app which does everything twitter does, but you can
track usage (which I suppose is the point of your app?)
Yeah, so @Anywhere is cool, just remember to verify not only your
www.domain.com but also domain.com (annoying behavior if you don't)


On Aug 10, 9:29 am, Diogo <diogo.dor...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello, I'm developing a system for a company where the employees can
> read and answer tweets from a single account. It is working, but not
> using oAuth. I read that Twitter will no longer support the basic
> authentication.
> The question is, if I change the authentication to oAuth, everybody
> will have to know the username and password of Twitter account and
> sign in manually to begin work?

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