I am querying friends/ids following
I am using @stcllama credentials.

http://api.twitter.com/1/account/rate_limit_status.json returns that,
for this account:
1281468090,"reset_time":"Tue Aug 10 19:21:30 +0000 2010"}

I was trying to monitor the HTTP response header for thottle control,

HOWEVER, I noticed that, after successful API calls, the http response
header shows my query rate limit is 150 per hour.  here's an example:

Proxy-Connection : Keep-Alive
Connection : Keep-Alive
Status : 200 OK
X-Transaction : 1281429482-1586-27456
X-RateLimit-Limit : 150
X-RateLimit-Remaining : 118
X-Runtime : 0.01589
Pragma : no-cache
X-RateLimit-Class : api
X-Revision : DEV
X-RateLimit-Reset : 1281430902

Is it that I shouldn't have looked at the http response for throttle
control for this friends/ids API?
If so,  can you suggest how I shall control my crawl rate?

Thank you ~~~


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