On 8/15/10 9:33 PM, utsav wrote:
> Hey Folks
> I am creating a Twitter Application in Java as my Summer Project. I am
> new to this OAuth scene, however I have created simple twitter apps
> using Basic Authentication. I am using the Scribe library and I have
> completed reading the Twitter OAuth documentation. However I can't
> understand one thing, consider the following situation. (I am creating
> a client and it's not a jsp app).
> 1) I request an oauth_token.
> 2) After receiving it i redirect my user to
> http://api.twitter.com/oauth/authorize?oauth_token=oauth_token
> 3) User receives verification code and enter the code in my app.
> 4) I request an acces_token and receive it.
> 5) User sends a tweet and closes the application.
> Now my question is: The next time when the same user opens my app will
> I have to go through the whole authorization process from step 1 or
> can I reuse the tokens that I receive when it was authorized
> initially??
> Regards,


Currently, the credentials you get after the verification are permanent.
That is, they don't expire, but the user can revoke them.

You can safely store these, but I would recommend calling
verify_credentials.json every now and then to check whether these are
still valid. Don't do this too often - it's rate limited.


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