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On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 8:29 AM, D. Smith <> wrote:

> What, nobody else thinkgs it could be useful to have some sort or JS
> based UI for the Tweet button? The Facebook JS UI is pretty good, you
> can open the prompt and pre-fill it with a text message to be posted
> to the wall right from your own javascript, user then just has to
> click on "Post" button.
> Also in Facebook UI you can have a simple one line of JS to test if
> user is logged in to Facebook.
> It would be great if Twitter made a simple UI for opening the "Tweet"
> window programmatically, and also allowing to listen to onSuccess
> (tweet posted, window closed) or onFailure events. It would also be
> great to programmatically test if user is currently logged in to
> Twitter (or at least has Twitter account).
> Please lets get this topic going, I think it's important.
> On Aug 15, 12:24 pm, Dmitri Snytkine <> wrote:
> > Hello!
> > I have a small request about the official Tweet button.
> > It would be great if there was some way to know when user has
> > successfully sent a tweet via a tweet popup window and after the
> > window is closed.
> >
> > I am sure Twitter dev team can implement this easily. The benefit to a
> > site owner is that if I know that a user has just Tweeted about my
> > page, I therefore know that a user has a Twitter account, then I can
> > show some prompt to ask a user to join my site with their Twitter
> > account, I can also show a custom message like "Thank you for sharing
> > this page on Twtitter" as well as can do many other things, even
> > recording some data to my database to keep track which of my
> > registered users has shared pages.
> >
> > All I need is some sort of a callback function to be fired on closing
> > of that window.
> > This could be some sort of custom event that I can subscribe to or
> > some sort of callback function.
> >
> > Does this make sense?

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