All I say is that if the 'twitter_anywhere_identity' cookie contained
some type of token which could then be used on server side to get
actual oauth token, that would be super cool.

That's exactly how Facebook does it in their JS API, I love it, it's
much easier to use to the OAuth1

On Aug 16, 3:29 pm, Taylor Singletary <>
> Hi there,
> @Anywhere does use some elements of OAuth2 for its authentication process
> but we've yet to announce any timeline for any other support of OAuth2.
> OAuth2 is a gaggle of authentication methods rolled into one, and we've yet
> to decide which profiles we'll support.
> Taylor
> On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 12:22 PM, D. Smith <> wrote:
> > Hello!
> > I looked at Twitter Anywhere API and it says the API will set the
> > cookie 'twitter_anywhere_identity' under my sites' domain.
> > This sounds like how the Facebook JS API is doing the OAuth2
> > authentication where I then read the value of that cookie on the
> > server side and then request data from facebook using that access
> > token.
> > Is this something that will be available soon on Twitter? I am using
> > the OAuth right now but I find that cookie based OAuth2 is much easier
> > to work with.
> > Do you already have this in beta? I would like to try it.

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