> Is there anything in the terms of use about best practice for auto-
> tweeting?
Go find out? http://twitter.com/tos

> I refer to the irritating practice an app automatically tweeting a
> viral message from your account when you authenticate. e.g. "I just
> got 50% somethingfactor on somelameapp.com, what's yours?"
As far as I know, that is not forbidden, as long as the application
explicitly mentions that the application will post a tweet.

> It should be against the terms of use to do this without the *minimum*
> of a warning message, e.g. "logging in will send a tweet from your
> account" - best practice would be an opt-in checkbox or some such UI.
Like I said

> There needs to be a way for applications to be reported for doing this.
I agree.


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