Good thing I asked, I knew basic auth was being shelved but I let the
date slip my mind completely.

Looks like I've got a busy week ahead.

On Aug 20, 3:27 pm, Taylor Singletary <>
> Hi Justin,
> A few things:
> a) It sounds like you're trying to use the search API with authentication,
> maybe even against ? -- search is not part of the
> REST API, and you might be using the wrong end point. All
> search queries should go to -- identified only by
> a user agent and your IP address. Whitelisting for the REST API has no
> bearing on search
> b) It also sounds like you're using basic auth to access the REST API. If
> you're providing the REST API a login and password, your access will be cut
> off on August 31st when basic auth is completely shut down. You'll want to
> upgrade to OAuth:
> c) As part of the gradual shutdown of basic auth, we're cutting down rate
> limits every week day by 15 requests. Standard basic auth rate limits were
> 150 hour and are down to 90 hour now. Whitelisted accounts/IP addresses
> using basic auth are being ramped down on every week day, proportional to
> the basic rate limiting decrement.
> Bottom line: you should be using the search api at and
> you should move from using basic auth to OAuth for the REST API. 
> See more information. If
> you use OAuth against the REST API, you'll see your normal, whitelisted API
> rate limits again.
> Finally, be sure and read this mailing list regularly and follow @twitterapi
> on Twitter -- we're regularly making announcements about all of these
> topics.
> Thanks!
> Taylor
> On Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 1:19 PM, Justin <> wrote:
> > I've got a monitor running on a whitelisted app to search and check
> > mentions. Up until recently it has always shown 20,000 at the rate
> > limit.  Today I enabled another search job and I noticed my rate limit
> > is 12,000 while I was debugging it. I'm rarely using more than a
> > couple thousand requests per hour at this time, but with new features
> > being planned I am curious.
> > Does anyone know if this was a recent change for everyone or just
> > something I triggered somehow?
> > Secondary question, do you think they prefer I hit search once every
> > hour and end up paging through 12 pages of results, or once per 5
> > minutes and rarely ever get more than one page? I guess it's the same
> > number of requests, but for me I'd rather just miss one update due to
> > downtime rather than a whole set.

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