* Taylor Singletary <taylorsinglet...@twitter.com> [100827 11:11]:
> Can you provide any more details about the error response you're
> giving (like the actual body of the error response)?

Taylor, I will capture the full request and response.  I assume they are
not suitable for posting in a public forum.  Should I email the to
a...@twitter.com instead?

> Can you share an example of a signature base string and POST body that
> failed in this example?
> Have you verified that the clock on the device/system originating the
> request is in sync with Twitter's (returned in the Date header of
> every request) by about 5 minutes?

Times are within 1 second.

> Do you have any successes to compare against?

The error seems to occur infrequently.  The vast majority of calls
succeed on exactly the same code path.

The calls are being made with Perl the Net::Twitter library (of which I
am the author).  Net::Twitter is used by many twitter apps and web apps.

> Are your HTTP methods in agreement between what your client is
> actually using (a GET) and the method declared in your signature base
> string?



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