On 9/6/10 8:28 AM, KrushRadio - Doc wrote:
> Hey all,
> Just a quick question regarding oAuth, and how this all works.
> So, with my small application broken, I'm trying to figure out how it
> will work with oAuth.  First, i need to figure out the flow.. The rest
> seems pretty easy.
> Do I have to request a new usertoken every time i post to one of my
> usernames from the application?  I have 3 different screennames that i
> post tweets from, all coming from one source.  With the new oAuth
> requirement, I am going to assume that i will need to connect to each
> one from a signup page that i create.  From there, i will be given a
> userToken of some sort.
> With userTokens, is it generated everytime i try to send a tweet, or
> can i save them in a database and re-use them from when i first
> granted the application access to my screenname?
> ~Doc

Consider the "usertoken" the username and the "usersecret" the password.
You should treat them like this: the usertoken isn't really a private
string, while the secret is very much like a password.

Just like with any other username and password, you can simply save them
and use them again. While an user can't change the password (secret), it
can revoke the keys.


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