What am I doing wrong here?
trying to tweet an url and a text to an account...


use Net::Twitter;

# necessary strings are available in environment...
$iurl = $ENV{iurl};
$itxt = $ENV{itxt};
$ckey = $ENV{ckey};
$csec = $ENV{csec};
$atok = $ENV{atok};
$asec = $ENV{asec};

# this used to work in pre-oauth days...
# my $twit = Net::Twitter->new(username=>$iusr, password=>$ipas );
# $result = $twit->update($iurl." ".$itxt);

my $client = Net::Twitter->new(
    consumer_key => $ckey,
    consumer_secret => $csec,
    access_token => $atok,
    access_secret => $asec,

$tweet=$iurl." ".$itxt;

my $res = $client->update({ status => $tweet });

it doesn't work and I'm no development whizzz.

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