Hey, that was great!  I was just missing the access key and secret, I
I was working with callback code, which all along I thought I didn't
really need.
So the example you sent was perfect.

When I run an update, I get this error:

HTTP::Message content not bytes at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/HTTP/
Request/Common.pm line 90

I made sure Net::Twitter was up to date on my server, and it is,
When I updated just to be sure, I got this:

CPAN: Storable loaded ok (v2.21)
Going to read /home/.cpan/Metadata
  Database was generated on Wed, 22 Sep 2010 00:34:03 GMT
cPCPAN: Module (HTTP::Message) holdback (5.837 held back to 5.810)
HTTP::Message is up to date (5.810).
perlmod--Install done

Is there an HTTP::Request update I'm supposed to do?

Thanks again!

On Sep 21, 10:47 pm, Marc Mims <marc.m...@gmail.com> wrote:
> * sftriman <dal...@gmail.com> [100921 16:46]:
> > I downloaded the /examples in Net::Twitter, and they don't seem to
> > work.  There were 2 in that directory.  I've searched tons on Google,
> > and I've read both links on the dev.twitter.com site for perl, but
> > can't get those to work.  Maybe someone here can help?
> David, see if this 
> helps:http://github.com/semifor/Net-Twitter/wiki/Net::Twitter-and-the-death...
>         -Marc

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