I'll start digging into the Search API and seeing how that performs.

I can tell you from experience that the streaming API does not
currently carry the expanded URL metadata in its payload.  All you get
is a match on raw tweet content.

On Sep 24, 6:34 am, Brian Medendorp <brian.medend...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I just did a search for a domain, and it did indeed return results
> from shortened URLs, so it seems to still work (or they fixed the
> problem).
> The only reasonable way I have found to consume the feed of a specific
> domain is to use the search API. You'll need to periodically perform a
> search, and keep track of the most recent ID that you found in the
> previous search so you'll know when to stop. You may also need to
> adjust the time between searches based on how many results you get.
> You could probably also use the streaming API with a filter for the
> domain, though I am not sure if that will work with the shortened
> URLs, and it would of course require keeping a connection open.

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