The method Brian describes is essentially what I have been using for
the past four weeks, tapping the Search API atom feed at intervals
(every three hours), using since_id to pull everything since the last
saved tweet ID.

Since Sept. 21, tweet volumes from this method have dropped 99
percent. The only tweets coming through are those for which domain
searches appear in the body text of the tweet. This behavior is
consistent across all six domains I am searching.

Spot checks of domain searches do very occasionally show returns of
tweets with shortened URLs that point to these domains, and that do
not mention the domains specifically in the body text, as they should,
but for the most part this is not the case.

Even when some of these results are returned, scanning down the
complete list of returned tweets shows that shortened URLs will have
been parsed only for the first few returned results, and the rest of
the results returned revert to the non-parsing behavior, presumably
because of the use of cache.

Refreshing on these searches, and scanning down the results, will show
this behavior:

And refreshing on Twitter's search page will show the same behavior,
with very occasional flickers of the "expand" option for shortened
URLs coming through. For the most part, however, it will not to
showing the "expand" option.

Still seems like there's something amiss here.

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