I am attempting to implement the Tweet button on a blog network and
have run into an annoying problem.  Like pretty much every other blog,
we're using a URL shortener (bit.ly Pro, with the domain sbn.to) for
our tweets.  The tweet button correctly increments for every time it
is pressed, but when you click on the count to see the tweets, there
are always no results, regardless of how many times the article was

As a random example, this article:
The url is http://sbn.to/dB76xp and the counturl is
We're using the escape() method from the Ruby CGI module to do our
encoding.  5 tweets. but when you click on the number 5, Twitter
attempts to search for the counturl and comes up empty.  If you
instead search for the url, you get matches.  The same thing happens
when logged into Twitter using an account that has newtwitter, an
account that has oldtwitter, and not logged in at all.

I notice that we're not the only ones having this problem...the Tweet
button on TechCrunch does the same thing, as does the counturl example
on Twitter's docs for the Tweet button.  Have I misunderstood what the
counturl parameter is supposed to do?  Am I using the wrong values for
url and counturl?  Is there a workaround to get the right search
results when clicking on the number?


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