Our application (twitter.com/distlr) has had it's account suspended
and I need this reviewed.  I (think I) understand why it was
suspended, which was stupidity on my part rather than anything
malicious or bad on the part of the application itself.

We follow a very lean start-up approach:

* We had the idea for Distlr and immediately interviewed people and
asked them if they'd use it.
* When they said Yes, we prototyped it with @anywhere and put it in
front of them, then surveyed them and asked if they'd use it.
* When they said yes, we developed a very alpha version with full
OAuth integration, incorporating their feedback and put it front of a
bigger audience.  Around 60 people registered and 400 used it

Unsurprisingly if you follow the thread here, I then went to survey
these 60 registered users - I created a Google Form and then (being
very lean and not trying over engineering things) started sending the
messages from the Distlr account to each of the registered users.

"@usera @userb @etc Thanks for using Distlr. Would love your feedback
via this short survey: http://bit.ly/distlrsurvey";

After several of these, the Distlr account was suspended.

Immediately when this happened, I've slapped my forehead with the
biggest "Doh!" you've heard.  As I've explained in the ticket, this is
more user stupidity on my part rather than anything malicious the
application itself is doing.

It's holding us up because while the ticket is Open, I'm loath to move
the app to a new account as it may look like we are trying to be
underhanded, which we absolutely aren't.  Unless Twitter knows
differently, I really don't think the app itself is misbehaving, I
think it's just these survey links which have caused the concern.

How long are these support tickets taking to be reviewed (it's been
open over 17 hours now) and is it possible that someone from the
Twitter dev support team can help out with getting it reviewed sooner
please?  If we have to wait, we have to wait, but we'd love to
progress forwards with the feedback we did get from the few people
that filled out the survey before the account got suspended.

The ticket is http://support.twitter.com/tickets/1256917


Tim Bull

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