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Ruben Fonseca wrote:
Hi @all!

Not sure if I'm posting to the correct list, but here it goes.

I'm currently trying to migrate a website service that uses
UserStreams to SiteStreams, as the documentation tells me to do.

However I'm finding a difficult problem that I've been able to

If I try to follow 1 user_id, it works ok. If I try to follow 2 or
more, SiteStreams always answers 401 Unauthorized.

Example: (Host: betastream.twitter.com)

- this works
GET /2b/site.json?with=followings&follow=11528912 HTTP/1.1

- this works too
GET /2b/site.json?with=followings&follow=9512582 HTTP/1.1

- this always returns 401 UNAUTHORIZED
GET /2b/site.json?with=followings&follow=11528912,9512582 HTTP/1.1

Any thing I'm missing here? Thank you!

Thomas Mango

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