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2. There's some kind of Javascript / CSS issue with the left panel in
Chrome / Chromium 7. Everything is cool in Firefox 3.6, and I haven't
tried older versions of Chrome. I'm not quite sure how to reproduce
this reliably yet, but sometimes, when I'm following a trail into the
right panel, when I have the mouse in the right panel, the left panel
goes completely black. If I move the mouse back into the left panel, it
comes back, but slowly - like it's running some kind of intensive
Javascript to repaint or making a bunch of API calls to refill a
buffer. I'm a total Javascript / CSS / DOM ignoramus, so if someone has
some clues as to how I can diagnose this in the Chrome / Chromium
debugger, let me know.

3. A related phenomenon - I went to @scobleizer and opened up a tweet.
When I moused back into the *left* panel, the left one went blank,
exposing the background! But when I mouse back into the right panel,
the left one came back rapidly. Again, this is on Chrome / Chromium.

I have quite a bit more on "these". First of all, it is one issue, not two. They symptom is

   a. View a timeline in the left panel - this appears to be any timeline.
b. Click on the arrow to open a tweet in the right panel. *If* the tweet is tagged with a location, the timeline in the left panel disappears and you see only the background. When I do it on my timeline, I see "black" - actually a semi-transparent dark grey. On @scobleizer, the background is different. The key is that both of us have location turned on - it's something tied to the display of the little map for the tweet in the right panel. c. Move the mouse into the right panel - the timeline display comes back! Move the mouse back into the left panel and the timeline disappears, leaving you with the background. But wait! There's more! d. There's a scrollbar on the right of the browser. This is the *browser* scrollbar, not the scrollbar "in" the right panel. When I pull the browser scrollbar down, the little map tied to the tweet stays where it is and the whole page moves up underneath it! If I pull the scrollbar down far enough, I see the background and the little map and a few other things only - everything else on the page disappeared to the top.

Again, this is only on Chrome or Chromium 7.0, developer builds - it works fine on Firefox. So I'm willing to call it a Chrome problem - I can post this on the Chrome help forum if you'd like. ;-)

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