* James McGill <jbmcg...@gmail.com> [101021 18:34]:
> I'm trying to use Net::Twitter::Lite OAuth.
> [...]
>   unless ( $nt->authorized ) {
>       # The client is not yet authorized: Do it now
>       print "Authorize this app at ", $nt->get_authorization_url, "
> and enter the PIN#\n";
> [...]
> which produces:
> Authorize this app at http://twitter.com/oauth/authorize?oauth_token=
> and enter the PIN#
> notice that the oauth_token in the url is empty!!
> I have Net::OAuth::Simple installed from CPAN.
> Has anybody experienced this before? I suspect that it's just some
> missing dependency but I'm not sure what.
> Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!!

I'm the author of Net::Twitter::Lite.

Net::Twitter::Lite does not use Net::OAuth::Simple. It uses Net::OAuth
directly (which is a dependency of Net::OAuth::Simple---so if you have
Simple installed, you should also have Net::OAuth).

You should be able to run examples/oauth_desktop.pl (included in the
Net::Twitter::OAuth distribution) directly.  If that works, compare it
to the code you're running.

Feel free to drop by #net-twitter on irc.perl.org or email me directly
for help.


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