> > Check to make sure the clock on the server/computer is correct. If it is off
> > by more then five minutes this is likely the problem.
> It can't be Abraham. It's synchronized with NTP so it should be
> perfect.

Unless you've verified the time, it certainly CAN be. Even if a
machine it setup to NTP, doesn't mean it can get there, is sucessful,
etc. You need to check logs and verify that the time on the machine is
now correct and NTP is happening.  Note, on Windows servers, for
example, the default  frequency of NTP syncs is more than 24 hours. If
you're running on a hosted virtual machine, drift can easily be hours
over that time frame.

How do I know this?  Because I've had an Amazon EC2 SQL Server box
that wouldn't stay synched (even though the IIS servers in the same
availability zone are always correct) until I reset the NTP sync
frequency to once every 20 minutes... no idea why that machine, but it
was random 401s until I did.

BTW, Twitter, can we PLEASE get a decent message in the human-readable
chunk when the time signature is wrong?  PLEASE?

Marc Brooks
Hack Prime

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