On 1 nov, 21:00, "@IDisposable" <idisposa...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > > Check to make sure the clock on the server/computer is correct. If it is 
> > > off
> > > by more then five minutes this is likely the problem.
> > It can't be Abraham. It's synchronized with NTP so it should be
> > perfect.
> Unless you've verified the time, it certainly CAN be. Even if a
> machine it setup to NTP, doesn't mean it can get there, is sucessful,
> etc. You need to check logs and verify that the time on the machine is
> now correct and NTP is happening.  Note, on Windows servers, for
> example, the default  frequency of NTP syncs is more than 24 hours. If
> you're running on a hosted virtual machine, drift can easily be hours
> over that time frame.

Time is perfectly synchronized. I checked when I wrote my previous
message and again now. There drift is half a second at most.

Daylight saving time was changed yesterday, right before I checked for
the first time. That's the only thing I can think that could make time
differences, but I suppose time in Twitter's servers also changed so
that couldn't be causing the 401.

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