Elliot - The idea sounds great. Maybe you could tie it to our api too
at http://www.supertwtr.com - we're all about making twitter more
visual. Let us know if you think it sounds fun.

Jeff Tidwell

On Nov 9, 1:28 am, Elliot <elliot.wo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey all
> We're developing a media art installation for the entrance area of
> Design Korea 2010.
> The general concept is that people will record videos of themselves,
> and tie that video to their twitter identity.
> Then whenever they tweet, their video is projection mapped onto a box
> (http://www.kimchiandchips.com/blog/?p=518)
> and their tweet appears
> The concept is that you'll see an overview of all the thoughts of
> people currently at the exhibition.
> So we need to constantly poll for when these people are tweeting.
> Which puts us up against the 150 api request limit.
> What's the method to get whitelisted?
> the exhibition is running 7th-12th december.
> about 300,000 people are expected to attend
> Is there an api call (i haven't seen one) for tags?
> then we can just call for people who've tagged #designkorea and are on
> the list of users who have input their id's onsite
> Thanks
> Elliot

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