Hi folks - I'm a user rather than a developer so not even sure I
should be here.  If I need to head off somewhere else let me know
where but my attempts to find what I need on the bit of the Twitter
site dealing with APIs has foundered on jargon (theirs) and ignorance

What I'd like to do is download data to an Excel spreadsheet about a
sub-set of Twitter users on a regular (probably monthly) basis.  For
each of the set of users (about 250 at present, maximum of 500/660 as
more of them - they're a finite number of public organisations - start
tweeting) I would like to export on a set day each period the four
counts shown on the user profile i.e.

No. Tweets
No. following
No. followers
No. listed.

Once I've got those four data items into a spreadsheet I intend to
produce tabular and graphical summaries of activity for individual
users and for the whole set of users, showing trends over time.

I could obviously visit each user's profile and cut and paste the data
but life is short.  Is there something that will allow me to do this
automatically without becoming the technical expert I will never be.

My thanks for any help received.


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