After using streaming API (statuses/filter) for several months with
basic auth, I'm trying to make the switch to OAuth, which I'm already
using successfully against the Site Stream Beta via Tweepy (python).
Using all the same process that works with Site Stream (except for few
minor changes to request - e.g. POST instead of GET), I continue to
get 401 errors with OAuth & statuses/filter.  Could be a signature
problem on my end, but I've tried a bunch of different configurations
and nothing has worked.

Anyone have ideas why this might happen?



------------------ about me:
I'm working on a service called Rally that helps people make plans
using Twitter. It improves upon the subset of Twitter content that
refers to future dates (announcements, plans, deadlines, etc.) by
putting this stuff on a shared schedule so you can be aware of what's
upcoming without having to have seen it when originally posted.

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