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> Hello,
> I'd like to ask will Twitter available in other languages? I think
> twitter might gain more popularity if it might be available in many
> languages. I hope You will think about that.

Twitter is gradually translating the UI of their web site into other
languages. See their blog posts: "Growing Around the World" <http://> and "Coming Soon:
Twitter in More Languages" <
soon-twitter-in-more-languages.html>. Perhaps you are interested in localised into Polish. I'm only an outside developer, not
a Twitter decision maker, but I expect that Twitter agrees with the
value of translating into many languages. It's only a
matter of when, with what priority relative to other projects.

If you use a different Twitter client than, then of course
the developer of that client is responsible for making it available in
other languages.

And, of course, the Twitter message stream has been open to messages
in most languages from the very start.

I hope this is helpful for you.

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